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About Us

About Gam-Med

Gam-Med Urgent Care Doctor With Patients

Gam-Med is a community-based clinic founded by Sheik Faye in 2021. Our providers care about the health and well-being of our community. We strive to reduce out-of-pocket costs of medical services by putting the patient first., We do not only focus on the issue at that time of visit, we provide a full health assessment to help prevent chronic disease. We value our patient's time and health. We are open five days a week to serve our community. 

Gam-Med is a urgent care and a bridge when our patient do not have a primary care provider. We prevent our patients from falling through the cracks while they are looking for a primary care provider. The needs of a patient with multiple chronic diseases can be overwhelming for both the patient and any single care provider which is why we make sure our patients health is maintain while they find a Primary care provider or are in between primary care providers. Our aim is to reduce barriers to access, lower costs of care, high quality of care, and improve the patient experience.


Gam-Med does not charge fees for unnecessary tests or procedures. We believe transparency, honesty and integrity are all values that add to the patient experience. 

We do not discriminate based on age, gender, race, income, or immigration status. We believe that everyone in our community deserves access to affordable healthcare. Gam-Med Urgent Care is here for everyone, and your health is our priority

"We don't find fault, we find remedy with serving being our priority".

Meet Our Health Care Professionals


Markita is a very knowledgeable clinical medical assistant with 18 years of medical experience in Urgent Care, Family Practice/Family Medicine, Medical/Surgical, Pediatrics & Adolescents.  Markita is a native of North Carolina and started her medical field journey in 2004 when she graduated from Southwest Edgecombe High with her CNA I.  She continued her education at Edgecombe Community College in 2005 as a CNA II.  She then attended San Joaquin Valley College in 2013 and graduated receiving multiple academic excellence awards and a degree in Clinical Medical Assistant.  Markita currently resides in Greenville, NC with her husband, two kids and dog.  Markita enjoys taking care of patients and their families.  Her passion for healthcare grew stronger and deeper when her mother began battling heart failure and lung disease during the years of 2007-2012 and Markita became her mother’s caretaker until her death in 2018.  Markita’s heart lies in patient care and she truly enjoys meeting patients' special needs and receiving positive results

Markita Council 

Clinic Manager

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