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Diet & Nutrition Specialist

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Diet and Nutrition

Lose Weight the Professional Way

At Gam-Med our nutrition team recognizes that each patient must be treated individually because true health and wellness is achieved through a nutrition plan specific to the needs of each individual. Results from the metabolic testing enable our Nutritionists/Dietitians to create a plan, ranging from full meal replacement to full food based plans, that will best compliment each individual’s metabolism.

In addition to contributing to weight loss, dietary changes can reduce the risk of serious health conditions such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, arthritis, diabetes, stroke, and heart disease.  Over time, dietary adjustments have a positive impact on energy level, physical appearance, and desire to become physically active. Together, these positive effects can create a new sense of vitality for you.

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Our staff work with you to develop a program that will help you lose weight and feel great!

Our objective is to empower and support you to make healthy and appropriate food choices in any circumstance. Adapting a food plan into an individual’s lifestyle is important. By meeting with your nutrition team on a weekly basis, adjusting to difficult food situations will become easier as we set goals and educate on healthier alternatives to common “junk foods”. Our nutrition team will help you make significant improvements in food choices, portion control, and food preparation.

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